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However, if you need to have more control over your kids and mobile devices, a parental control app is recommended. This is an application that provides more features other than just location.

Fake Cop Matthew Marre Allegedly Tricked Verizon, T-Mobile Into Giving Him People’s Location Data

Parental control apps can perform a wide range of functions such as schedule restrictions on phone usage for a certain period of time, block usage of some apps and access to certain internet sites, and monitor the screen time of the phone. Parental control applications allow parents to have authority over how their kids utilize their mobile phone devices.

FamiSafe has done an amazing work in developing one of the best parental control mobile application. The FamiSafe application can be regarded as the best alternative to T mobile family locator.

This is due to the extensive features available on FamiSafe. Some of the most prominent features on FamiSafe include app blocking which enables blocking of inappropriate apps and web filtering feature which enables blocking of harmful websites such as pornography and gambling websites. In terms of location tracking, FamiSafe app is still by far much better than the T mobile family locator.

This is due to the features such as live location, location history, and geo-fencing feature available on the FamiSafe app. FamiSafe not only enables parents to track real live location for their kids but also enables them to view the location history of their kids as well as set and monitor geo-fences. Parents get notifications when their kid cross the set borders. The t Mobile family locator is the ideal application for parents wishing to keep track of the location of their kids.

The app has a user-friendly interface rich in features and settings. However, for parents wishing to have more control over their kids and their kid's phone FamiSafe is a more appropriate app. This app is available for free download on both Google Play Store and App store.

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All parents ought to have the FamiSafe app to ensure effective utilization of mobile phone device by their kids. Try it Now.

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T-Mobile Family Locator t mobile family locator. Pros The app allows you to create a regular schedule for regular check-ins. The tracked devices do not have to be GPS enabled. It's not clear whether Verizon location data can also be purchased in this way. MicroBilt told Motherboard that customers using its service for fraud prevention must obtain consent from phone users, the news site wrote.

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But when Motherboard arranged for a phone to be located, "the target phone received no warning it was being tracked," the news site wrote. The phone's owner had given consent to Motherboard for the experiment.

T-Mobile SyncUp Drive - GPS / WiFi / Mileage Tracker Review and Installation

MicroBilt investigated the case and found that a private bail-bond company made the request for the phone's location, according to Motherboard. Of course, mobile carriers themselves could prevent such privacy problems by not selling their customers' location data in the first place. Carriers were pressured into changing their policies last year after it was revealed that prison phone company Securus offers a service enabling law enforcement officers to locate most American cell phones within seconds.

Securus' service relies on data from LocationSmart.

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It was also reported that a LocationSmart bug could have allowed anyone to surreptitiously track the real-time whereabouts of cell phone users. At the time, US Sen. Ron Wyden D-Ore. It'll monitor what kids do online with their phones, tablets, laptops or gaming consoles. It's hard enough for a parent to keep track of what their kids do on their phones in the house, but it gets even harder when they leave or use a different device.

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FamilyMode works in two ways: It gives parents control over what their kids do online with cellular data in or out of the house, and it lets them controls kids' Wi-Fi-connected devices like phones, tablets, laptops, gaming consoles and smart TVs. That includes the home Wi-Fi device that monitors all sorts of internet-connected devices it sits between your regular router and devices and the FamilyMode app that lets you control internet usage. Other carriers like Verizon offer similar parental control services. T-Mobile created a chart to show how its service compares to the others see below which might be handy, though the company's naturally a little biased.

Verizon Smart Family app : A new way for parents to track their kids and limit their phone use.