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You can press the Home button once or tap on the Back key a few times to get to the Home screen. Yes No I need help 5 On the Pedometer page, tap the "3 Vertical Dots" icon in the top right-hand corner of the screen. Yes No I need help 6 Tap on the "Pause counting steps" link to pause the pedometer from counting your steps. Yes No I need help 7 Repeat this process to resume counting your steps using the "Pedometer" app. Just follow these steps below.

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Yes No I need help 2 From you S5's Home screen, tap on the "Apps" icon located in the bottom right-hand area of the screen. This will take you the applications list on your phone. Yes No I need help 3 From the list of applications on your phone, located and tap on the "Settings" icon to open your Galaxy S5's settings options. Yes No I need help 4 In the settings screen, locate and tap on the "Lock Screen" icon to open the Lock screen options. Yes No I need help 6 Tap on the checkmark beside "Pedometer" to stop showing your step count on the lock screen.

Yes No I need help 7 You have successfully turned off the Pedometer icon from showing on your device's lock screen. Yes No I need help 8 Simply repeat the process to enable this feature. Yes No I need help. Yesterday, I walked a measured 2. Today, the same trail, about the same number of steps measured it at 3. The phone was in my hand during both workouts. The Galaxy S5's pedometer is very accurate.

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However, if your phone was in your hand, the excess shaking as you walked could have tampered with your results. Your pocket is the best place to keep your phone when you're using the pedometer feature. However there is one caveat, the S5's pedometer can be fooled by driving in the car or other bumpy scenarios. I also have a Fitbit and I watched while the pedometer on the S5 registered every bump while driving, as a step, while the Fitbit didn't falsely register steps during the same ride.

Yes No I need help Can you set the length of each step? My wife uses it to monitor steps and miles. However, the mileage it shows is too high so the length of the step is obviously too large. Can it be reset? Under Settings and then Profile in the S Health you can set weight and height. It may actually have more to do with where she carries her phone when she is walking. This might be the cause of the inaccuracy. The best place for this app to function properly is if the phone is placed on the hip using something like a belt clip.

I set up my profile on an older Galaxy S5 phone, I now have a new Galaxy S5 phone and the steps in S Health pedometer are not accurate off by almost a day. How do I adjust this? Make sure the profile is accurate for your height and weight on the new phone.

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Consider whether you have changed where you are carrying your phone. This would change the outcomes. With the Galaxy placed in my pocket I walked approximately steps, the pedometer shows , and it's worse when I climb stairs. I tried everything, and I could not find a way to calibrate the S5. It's sad really because it registers false steps during many activities including riding in a car.

I switched to the Fitbit. It cost me 0 but its far more accurate. I used to use the BodyMedia armband, but I found it too much of a pain and a little embarrassing to wear the armband. The Fitbit is small and fits into my pocket, and I don't think about it all day. And it has a great app for Android or iPhone which connects via Bluetooth. You can watch your results real time. To remove the application permanently, go into your phone's settings and select applications, then application manager. From the top, scroll over to "All" and select S health from the list. You'll see an option to force stop or turn off.

Select turn off and accept the warning pop up that will come up. S Health will no longer show up on your apps menu or collect data. Select turn on. Your apps menu will now contain S Health again. My phone has counted steps consistently since I set it up. However, today it has stopped doing that even while I was walking. Someone Somewhere Dignified Moderator.

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