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Designed to take a spill and a splash. The toughest glass in a smartphone. Water resistant to twice the depth.

Don't like Bing? Nokia Lumia 800 demo of yapf. Place finder using Google search

Liquid Retina LCD. The true-to-life all-screen design makes everything look amazing. True Tone. Adjusts the white balance to match the light in the room.

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Tap or raise to wake. Your iPhone is ready in an instant. Haptic Touch. Do all kinds of essential things faster with contextual menus and shortcuts.

Approximately 314 smartphones are stolen in London every day, according to the Metropolitan Police.

All-day battery life. Hardware and software work together to get the most out of your battery. And thanks to fast-charge capability, you can recharge in less time. More precisely than ever. Ultra Wideband technology comes to iPhone. Think GPS at the scale of your living room. And then there was Pro. An unprecedented leap in battery life. Take a closer look. Two sizes. Four finishes. Stainless steel and glass design. Capture up to four times more scene. Get beautiful images in drastically lower light. Telephoto Wide Ultra Wide Elegant, immersive interface.

Portrait mode Power to the portrait. With three cameras working together, you can fit more in your portraits than ever. And Portrait Lighting lets you control the intensity of light to flatter your subject — just like you would in a studio. How beautiful is that? Even more cool camera features. Which gives you an unfair advantage.

The fastest chip ever in a smartphone bit Fusion architecture Performance cores process complex tasks faster than ever, while custom efficiency cores handle everyday tasks — helping to deliver a huge leap in battery life.

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Machine Learning accelerators Two new machine learning accelerators on the CPU run matrix math computations up to six times faster, allowing the CPU to perform over one trillion operations per second. Another hour of battery life would be great. Our most dramatic leap in battery life ever.

The toughest glass in any smartphone, front and back. Precision milled from a single sheet of glass Dual ion-exchange process for added strength Splashes? Pop-up Generation Real Cinematic View 6. The fingerprint and camera modules enfolded under the display exudes pure beauty with Packed with the power of an advanced pulse motor, the selfie cam takes only 0. It utilizes the DSP acceleration engine and light compensation solutions, which boost the unlocking speed by Now discover expert shots with realme's exclusive image tuning solution, which enables ultra HD imaging of night views and enhances true colors.

The new FFC constant-voltage charging algorithm trims the charging time by You can switch seamlessly between apps regardless of the number of apps running in the background. That's not all. Game Space and Game Assistant take your gaming experience to another level. As a last resort, you will have the option of erasing everything on the phone.

This will prevent thieves from having access to your personal things, such as your photos, videos, and even your credit card information. This will also erase your Microsoft account from the phone, so you will no longer be able to track it. Even after you erase data from your phone, you will still have access to anything you have backed up on OneDrive as explained further down. Find My Phone app may not always work! While the Find My Phone service has received decent feedback from users, some report that it does not work as consistently as they would like.

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The service also does not save its last location if a user turns it off manually. So if a thief is quick and immediately turns the phone off, you will not be able to locate it. If you cannot find your phone on the map using the Find my Phone service, it might be due to either that:.

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You should be informed that if your phone cannot transmit a signal whether cellular or GPS , there is simply no way to locate it , no matter what kind of phone you have or what service or tracking app you are using. Find my Phone by Microsoft is the only app you could have used to find your Windows Phone after you have already lost it without having installed another one before you lost it.

But before we give up completely lets review some of the old-school ways to retrieving and protecting, in fact, any phone, not just the Windows Phone. I have to be honest with you, from here on out it will be much more difficult to find a lost or stolen phone. However, with the advice below, you will increase your chances of finding your phone and protect your data.

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  6. The thief might remove the SIM and sell it or your battery might drain so you want to act quickly before that happens. In such cases, no signal will be transmitted from your phone. In other words, you will not be able to track it remotely or even call it anymore.

    The concept of retracing your steps to find something lost is well-established and it can definitely work for your phone too. Take a few deep breaths of air. History repeats itself. If you believe that your phone is simply lost and not stolen, then you should try and going back to every place you have recently visited. Ask around and someone might have actually seen the phone. For example, if you lost it in a cinema, someone might have handed it over to the reception.

    Asking people in such cases never hurts as you might get your phone back without hassle. This is the first thing you should do if you suspect you misplaced it outside the home. Even if your phone is locked, thieves who are technologically inclined may be able to hack it and get information on you.

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    As such, you should seriously consider hanging all of your passwords. This is especially important if you have stored credit card information in there. In fact, if that is the case, you should also contact your bank and report the incident so that they can keep a lookout for suspicious activities. Alternatively, include a number in the message so that anyone who finds it can call it.